NOT by Jenny Lai S/S 2013

Written By Fashion360Magazine on Tuesday, 9 October 2012 | 00:16

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By: Devin Cole
Jenny Lai describes her 2013 Spring collection as “a meditation on and a celebration of the lightness of being”. The vibrant fabrics of her collection certainly communicated this exuberance. Creating a beauty look that could hold its own with the garments, while still letting the clothing be the star wasn’t easy but hair stylist Neil Gogoi of Prive Salon and makeup artist Mike Hanz pulled it off beautifully.

The hair:
“We are doing a very soft but messy kind of knot in the back. Then through the front we’re just detailing it with white pins and doing the same through the back as well. We used a texturizing mousse and combed it in to basically smooth everything down and secure the back.”
-Neil Gogoi

The makeup:
“The inspiration is a sunset in summer. So instead of doing the traditional, where it’s corals and oranges on the lip, we wanted to bring it into the eyes to make the eyes the focus-with a little bit of a hint of a lilac, mauve on on the lips. We’re kind of getting into the new trends for spring ’13.
We wanted to get really nice soft but hard soft features. You see stronger definition in color but it is all very muted at the same time. We used Play Beauty color and also R Evolution brushes. Play Beauty is paraben free, natural products. It’s really good for backstage but also for the everyday woman as well.”
-Mike Hanz


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