PRETE & BRUNO f/w 2012-backstage

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By: Alexis Schroeder
Images by: Rebekah Schott
Prete and Bruno, two fabulously Italian designers knew exactly how to bring the 50’s and 60’s up to date with a touch of modern femininity. Inspiration was drawn from classic iconic figures during this time with a stylish twist.
Vince Smith of Vince Smith Hair Experience did the hair and make-up for the show. “We’re borrowing from Grace Kelly, but it’s not going to be quite so finished.” A high chignon with a swooping bang created the look. Not many products or tools were used except T3 curling irons and Redken Hot Set 22 Thermal Setting Mist. To add a little shine to polish off the look, Mr. Smith smoothed the hair with Moroccan Oil.
First, he took a chunk of the front out, while brushing the majority of the hair into a ponytail on top of the head. “You want it to be as smooth as possible, so make sure you keep brushing the hair into a high ponytail,” explained Mr. Smith. He then sectioned the ponytail into two parts and loosely curled each section with a big barreled T3 curling iron after misting the hair with Redken Hot Set 22. After releasing the hair from the curling iron, tease the part closest to the ponytail holder to make sure the chignon stays together. Then, pin, pin, pin! Lastly, concentrating on the front, he again misted and curled the sectioned off hair and swooped it back and around the chignon, tucking in any ends. The look was easy, quick, and superbly glamorous.
As for the make-up, Prete and Bruno expressed the desire for “an ethereal, angelic look but still possessing power,” lead make-up artist Dani Fonseca quoted. This was achieve by airbrushing, giving the skin a very clean look, while most attention was drawn to the eyes. The model’s eyes blinked sexiness in a smoky shadow by Temptu and shimmered with flecks of gold to create drama. To emphasize those peepers even more, a liquid liner by Aqua was used. Lips and cheeks were kept very basic and neutral. Lips were airbrushed, along with the face, and lined very lightly, staying consistent with the matte inspiration.
Manicurist, Leah Pat aimed to elongate the nail suggesting, “the best way to do that is with a thick white strip down the center. Polished with Pure Ice Jaguar, a gold color for the base and stripped with Pure Ice Best Friend, a pearl made for a classically elegant look.


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