Top 10 Products to Keep You Safe Under the Sun

Written By Fashion360Magazine on Tuesday, 9 October 2012 | 00:36

By: Alexis Schroeder

Beautiful sandy beaches, diving through ocean waves, swinging from a rope into a lake, enjoying the company of friends, and the summer sun are all components of these three long awaited months.  However, sometimes we overlook the summer weather’s ulterior motives, which can be dangerously damaging to our skin.  To keep you enjoying the summer months, we have compiled a list of our favorite top 10 products to keep you safe under the steamy summer sun.
One of the first things on our summer check list – get rid of that pasty winter paleness!  Lying out in the sun builds a lustrous summer glow, but it can be extremely damaging to your skin.  Sunscreen is an absolute must!  Sun exposure, especially without sunscreen increases the chances of skin cancer, wrinkles, and sunburn.  Bracing your body for multiple sun exposures decreases many of these risks, but are you effectively protecting each area?  For example, your lips are exceedingly vulnerable to sun damage because of their reduced amount of melanin – skin pigment.  Therefore, a lip balm containing protection from UVA/UVB rays is necessary.  Apply Anthelios Lip Stick SPF 50+ for approximately $20, which is water resistant and soothing.
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A common myth – obtaining a radiant tan is impossible with the use of sunscreen.  This erroneous belief can cause unbelievable sun damage.  This is why we love Banana Boat’s Protective Dry Oil UltraMist with SPF 25.  Infused with coconut and grape seed oil, it provides UVA and UVB coverage while attracting those rays!

Believe it or not, your hair also suffers from UV damage.  Lathering a small amount of sunscreen through your hair will protect your tresses from chlorine and salt.  Generously mist your locks with Ouidad Sun Shield and Sport Leave-In Spray.  This light weight spray conditions and protects hair from chlorine, wind, sun, and salt.  As an alternative, don’t be afraid to comb through the sunscreen you applied to your body.

Skin hydration defeats the summer sun’s drying and aging effects.  During these few intensely heated months, do yourself a favor and moisturize.  Try AHAVA Mineral Suncare Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizer, $26.  Not only does it contain a sun protection factor, SPF, but it revitalizes skin’s moisture and fights premature aging.  For more intense hydration, apply directly after showering while pores are dilated and wrap in a warm towel for five minutes amplifying the skin’s suppleness.

Even though simple, hats’ shielding qualities dramatically help combat harmful rays.  However, with all the oils and products applied to our faces as a result of sunscreens, our hairline and foreheads become the perfect forum for pimples.  Use an antibacterial wipe to prevent these unwanted blemishes.  Dermalogica Skin Purifying Wipes, $18.

With all the tips and tricks provided, sometimes we still find ourselves with nasty and painful sunburn.  If the summer sun does claim you, try Solarcaine Aloe Extra Burn Relief Spray, $8.  With cooling and soothing properties it draws heat away from the body, providing instant reprieve.

Just like our wide brimmed hats, don’t forget to pack sunglasses for the beach!  People with lighter eyes are more prone to sun damage, than those with darker eyes.  Not all sunglasses are created equal, therefore when picking out the perfect pair of sunnies make sure it protects against both UVA and UVB rays.  Also, close fitting sunglasses offer further protection, blocking harmful rays.  Aviators are an excellent summer warrior!
Building a base before extreme sun exposure slows harmful sun penetration.  Try a self-tanner in the beginning of the summer, preferably one with moisturizing qualities and SPF.  Jergen’s Natural Glow & Protect Daily Moisturizer with SPF 20 does just that.

As a part of most of our daily routines, consuming some sort of caffeine jolts us into action.  However, we are constantly reminded to curtail excessive consumption, which most of us are guilt of.  Instead of ingesting this stimulant, new studies suggest using caffeine topically promotes anti-aging.  Also, fewer skin cells are damaged when exposed to excessive ultraviolet rays.  Try 100% Pure Cosmetics Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream, $20.


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