AMOUR D’ARMOUR by Heidi Gardner

Written By Fashion360Magazine on Tuesday, 9 October 2012 | 00:08

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By: Devin Cole
Heidi Gardner invited her guests to explore their darkest desires at her AMOUR D’ AMOUR presentation last night. The whole atmosphere felt like a modern day version of the painting Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch.
The designer pulled back the curtains on an array of sins that we all indulge in and try to conceal such as sexual fetishes (the models acted out BDSM-like scenes), drugs (the mirror on which the jewelry was displayed was decorated with white powder, some of it suggestively arranged in lines), and more. She shines light on these controversial topics and pokes fun at them to remove their stigma and encourage people to shrug off the restrictions imposed upon them by society. “I want them to feel inspired”, says Gardner, “I want them to feel like an urban warrior!”
Gardner displayed the skinless body parts of a dismembered goat on a silver tray near the bar where the hor d’oeuvres where being served, optimizing the visceral responses of the guests. Every detail of the event was carefully planned by the designer to create a transcendent experience.
Gardner was inspired by Rock and Roll (her favorite band is Led Zeppelin), ancient Greek weaponry, and Renaissance shields for her collection. “I always think about what I want the wearer to feel when I’m designing a piece. I always want to imbue a bit of strength and some subtle details.”
 “Create your own image, create your own style. There is no such thing as trends for me.”


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