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By: Alexis Schroeder
Having worked the past couple of seasons with Son Jung Wan, Jorge Luis of Prive styled the models hair.  First, Mr. Luis needs to “understand and feel the designer’s inspiration.”  Without having a vision synonymous to the designer a hairstylist will not be able to create a cohesive look.  “I hardly used any tools or products.  Really the only thing we relied on is a texturing spray.”

The models’ hair was roped across the front of the head then slicked back into a ponytail.  The ponytail was then separated and roped as well.  Looking very complicated, I was surprised to learn it was actually quite simple.  Separating the hair in two, twisting one strand to the right, and then roping the next strand twice to the left, you’ve constructed a five minute flirtatiously sexy hair do!
Stemming her inspiration by “imagining a dreamy, mysterious woman taking sunlight dazzlingly spreading out between the thick trees in the calm and uncharted forest” designer, Son Jung Wan masterfully crafted a feminine collection.  Capturing the essence of summer with a luminous color palette consisting of sepia, royal blue, emerald green, juicy raspberry, canary yellow, cool silver, glistening gold, light khaki, and creamy pale transfigured the sea, trees, rocks, and the earth.
Son Jung Wan constructed an array of forty-two looks for a whimsical sweetheart.  This woman doesn’t seek the limelight, but is sought after anyways because of her effortlessly darling spirit.  Her clothes are the definition of girls just wanting to have fun while embracing their femininity.
Working with ultra-light weight fabrics such as washed chiffon, mimicking a watercolor painting, silk, cotton, linen, and leather they ascribe to the hard and soft textures of nature.  Several of the most memorable outfits included an ivory tulle flower blouse and gold cigarette pant, a gold sequined dress with lace cutouts, and a violet multi-diagonal chiffon top and purple metallic legging.  Apprehending the summer sunset, Son Jung Wan washed her designs in its gorgeously dreamy colors.  Not only designing for women, she impeccably tailored a few ensembles to men.
Definitely one of my favorite shows this season!


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