Angelo Galasso: POLSOOROLOGIO Party

Written By Fashion360Magazine on Tuesday, 9 October 2012 | 00:25

By: Devin Cole
September 5th marked the beginning of Fashion Week and I kicked off the season with the POLSOOROLOGIO Party at The Plaza. The celebration was in honor of Galasso’s signature Polso Orologio shirts which are made completely by hand during a manufacturing process that consists of 85 stages.

As guests poured into the building, they were encouraged to sign their names on a statue in the lobby, an Italian tradition. Then we were ushered into Galasso’s new boutique which he opened in April of this year. Soft light illuminated his designs and glinted off the opulent detailing in the sleek boutique.
Next, we were lead down the hallway to the Oak Room in anticipation of the runway show. Impeccably styled models lined the hallway sporting pieces from Galasso’s current collection.
Once inside the Oak Room, guests anxiously awaiting the start of the presentation while being served champagne. To set the mood, a pianist took the stage and played rousing renditions of popular songs such as “Fix You” by Coldplay. Leaving the audience in awe, the performer turned the stage over to Editor-In-Chief of British GQ, Dylan Jones.
Jones gave Galasso high praise, he feigned resentment as he stated that Galasso “the most Italian, Italian” had “the most influence on British fashion”. Jones credits him with creating a more casual but polished look for men. His impact was so great in fact that the Prime Minister of England began to see wearing a tie as pass√© and removed them from his wardrobe.
The models filed onto the runway as the music began to play again and posed for photographs.
Personally, I loved how Galasso mixed luxe, textured fabrics and complimented the looks with lavish accessories. Even the pianist (shown at top right), was decked out with eye-catching silver cuffs.


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