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By: Alexis Schroeder
Images by: Frank Rocco
In the 1940s and 50s air travel was of the utmost sophistication and class.  The public was fascinated with the glamorous and exotic career as a pilot or stewardess.  Designer and world traveler, Farah Angsana tells her collection’s story through a high glamour and cultured woman, who travels the globe herself and appreciates the fine detail of luxury.
I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Angsana about the collection’s inspiration.  “It’s the woman who loves to travel.  She can travel anywhere from Paris, Rome, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Dubai.”
As the music began to seduce the audience before the show began, a sly, sexy, “catch me, if you can” vibe echoed throughout.  The colors chosen as Ms. Angsana described were, “I started with black and white, then silver, gray and also red, violet, and tangerine.”  The silhouettes were kept simple.  A corseted top attached to a long, lofty skirt, tapered pant, suit, or long train were all catwalk sightings.  Her clothes were made for that confident woman who is not afraid to sit alone at the airport’s lounge, sipping her cocktail.
Each outfit had just the right amount of embellishment to catch your eye and keep you guessing for days who that woman was.  Most of her ensembles included a leather biker-like glove, which gave a fresh attitude.  The fabrics ranged from lace, silk, chiffon, silk wool, wool crepe, and tweed lurex featuring crystal and sequin embellishments, ruching, and lace detailing.
A stand out, the tangerine silk chiffon satin gown with crystal and sequin embellishment details was magnificent.  I have never seen this color look so sexy before.  Another beauty was her scarlet red silk crepe long sleeved gown.  Almost as if a character out of a James Bond movie, I wondered if she had a dagger up her sleeve.  I could go on and on extensively about each piece, but the best in show was the Shanghai blue dragon scale embellished tulle gown. TO DIE FOR.  It was totally see through except for those parts that need to be left to the imagination.
With so many different outfits each creating their own mysterious story, I had to know which outfit she enjoyed the most to design.  “I really had fun doing all of them.  Each one speaks a little of its own story.  I loved it all.”  This was the first show that I have been too that I could tell a detailed story for each and every piece and loose myself in the details.  She definitely set a new standard for air travel attire!  Brilliantly sexy and marvelous.


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