How To Wear Abaya?

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Abaya gives you the elegant look and beautifully covers up your whole body. You can enjoy different colors and different designs.

Abaya defines the personality of the Islamic women. In our Islamic code of conduct, it is crucial to cover all of the vital body parts. It is one of the best ways for covering all of your body.

How to wear abaya and its significance
How to wear abaya for gorgeous personality
Wearing abaya has its strong roots in the culture and religion “Islam”. These both things enable all the ladies in the Muslim countries to cover themselves fully. The order of covering the body for woman is quite clear in the ayats of Holy Qura’an. Ladies in 
Pakistan, Arab countries and in many other countries while observing these orders cover themselves with abaya. However, it is seen some decades before that the abayas were in fashion and now again the same fashion is in the air. You can choose from a wide variety which is available on Pakistani shops and brands outlets. While you wear abayas you not only feel a great security from the staring eyes of men but also the elegant look you earns, makes your personality more gorgeous.

How to wear abaya and the color scheme
How to wear abaya with contrast
If you are looking for how to wear abaya and the color scheme, then mostly used for abaya is black and it is been seen in different parts of the world that women tend to wear abayas in black color however, navy blue color can also be used and not only this but you can also make a contrast for it so that you look more pretty in abaya. These contrasts can be golden or silver mainly or shiny maroon color on black abaya. Its upon your choice which color you try for yourself. Furthermore, the skin, cream color or golden brown color is also appreciated in abayas.

How to wear abaya and various styles
Make an innovation in how to wear abaya
The styles are very innovative while you seeking for how to wear abaya, it ranges from very simple style of abaya to the embroidered abaya. You can go with the simple angrakha style, your choice can be baggy style of abya, and you may also select to wear a slits less abaya opened form the font. All these styles look elegant. If you can easily carry the heavy work on the abyas then you may select the shiny beads work on it, falling from the sides and with longer arms till half hand covers. With abays, as you know, scarfs are mandatory, so these scarfs can also be in contrasted colors or with very light embroidery.


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