Is Fashion All About Looks?

Written By Fashion360Magazine on Tuesday, 9 October 2012 | 00:42

The world of fashion and specifically fashion industry is estimated to be generating the most revenue in the economic market. Keeping that in mind, it is needless to say that fashion shows take us forward. With this certain trend and tendency shown especially by our youth and youth world overall, there has been observed a radical change in this field. What was once only providence for the rich, elite and royal has now become common for all ages and all genders.

Economy and Fashion Industry
Fashion: Good or Bad?
It is an ever evolving field and certainly a successful fashion industry does take a country forward. With the economic boost that it provides, fashion shows
are a silver lining in the dark sky. A certain fashion which is in at one place at a time becomes old at the same time. It is a rigorous circle. Considering the fact that the first fashion to be held were in 1800’s, it is apparent that they have brought us a long way further. There is a continued newness in everything that is related to fashion and one way of making that public is to conduct a fashion show. Fashion is not good or bad in itself but the way it is being perceived make it the way. Good in a way that it helps in projecting a soft image in front of the international media. Bad in a sense that it is not affordable for masses.

A Ramp Walk
Fashion Shows Audience
Apart from monetary concerns and personal grooming, there is not much that fashion shows do. There is a certain audience that fashion shows cater to. However, there is a large chunk of the population that has no effect whatsoever of these fashion shows. Firstly, the cost that the dresses have cannot certainly be afforded by a very large population. Secondly, a mere ticket to a fashion show costs a lot. And even if you do have access to any such place, there is no way in the world that one can really learn much about fashion by just sitting there and watching models do the ramp-walk. Yes, it is the in thing today but if we ponder upon the moral, ethical, social, educational significance of fashion shows, we will find ourselves not certain with the answer to this question.


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