John Bartlett S/S 2013

Written By Fashion360Magazine on Monday, 8 October 2012 | 23:59

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By: Malik Warlick
Images by: Rebekah Schott
New York – based designer John Bartlett’s recent travels to India and Greece inspired his Spring/Summer men’s collection for 2013. The collection acted as a passport of sorts, with the most direct reference being a print showcasing the Om symbol, which was in white overlaid upon cobalt blues and sepia browns on various styles of pants. The sepia version of the print was also used on a blazer, which, paired with Bermuda shorts in the same hue, made for a spiritually opulent look.

Opulence was also a point of inspiration for the designer, as confirmed by the key hair stylist for the show, Jorge Luis. Luis stated that the original idea for the collection was “Expensive men that went to safaris in Africa, loved the outdoors, with a tribal feel for the hair.” As evident in the show, that was the first draft of the blueprint. Along with the destination change in inspiration, Luis also stated that he suggested the styling for the hair be more of a “matted, three days with no shower” look. Juxtaposed against the clean, green-friendly texture of the clothing, the hair brought it all together for a relaxed, yet affluent feel.
John Bartlett also took on the traditional men’s clothing of India, with a modernized galabeya in bright white, complete with a Polo collar. Also, Bartlett gave his spin on the traditional Indian man’s shirt and pants, adding an American touch with roll-up sleeve tabs and matching canvas slip-ons that were all the rage this summer.  Some of the pieces themselves chanted India as their derivative, the color palette all but screamed Greece and the Mediterranean, while the cobalt blues and bright whites mirroring the island-carved city of Santorini, and the draping and prints channeling Mumbai, John Bartlett’s collection magnificently hit the mark for men’s fashion this upcoming spring.


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