Mathieu Mirano 360 Part 1

Written By Fashion360Magazine on Tuesday, 9 October 2012 | 00:16

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By: Alexis Schroeder
Returning to the tents at Lincoln Center this 2013 Spring/Summer Fashion Week, and despite his young age of 20, New York native, Mathieu Mirano, has sparked critics’ attentions. After leaving Parsons a year early, he seems to have us in the crux of his abilities.  A few weeks after leaving school Mirano was featured in Women’s Wear Daily showcasing his “quickly made nine piece collection which is just beyond I [Mirano] could have ever dreamt for myself.”

With his “great support system, wonderful team, incredible parents, and endless inspiration” excitement ensues as he prepares for this fashion week.  As he “gets as much sleep as possible, eating well, strength training and cardio every day,” this young prominent designer readies himself to take on fashion week hoping to leave behind a lasting impression.  While growing up, Mirano delved into the artistic world at an early age.  Certainly being a trained pianist and gymnast, experience in the fine arts, and his “determination to join Cirque du Soleil put his creative juices to work from the beginning.
Even though matriculated, but never graduated from Parsons, this designer has matured his mind in a very artistic way, which will be exciting to see develop and evolve over his career.   Coming from a background of travel and a family of scientists, Mirano draws much inspiration from geology and biology, particularly this season.  He hopes to have designed a collection for the woman in her “twenties, thirties, or forties.  She doesn’t take herself too seriously, especially with all the humor in the clothes.  Her confidence is high and wants to be noticed.  Above all, she has an appreciation for the craftsmanship and artistry in the clothes.”  Even if that description doesn’t quite fit your personality, with his exuberant enthusiasm how can you not lose yourself in his clothes?
After trying desperately to get him to spill the beans on his inspiration before his big reveal on Monday, September 10 at Lincoln Center, it was a fruitless effort.  I can say however, it is certainly not to be missed as his collection is filled with a brilliantly rich color palette, a combination of materials and embellishments and the “embroidery is stellar!” I think I can speak for all of us, when I say…BUTTERFLIES!
Undoubtedly, Mathieu Mirano is the next up and coming designer we should all keep our eyes on.  Because of his young age and his relatively newness to Mecca, or for the not so much fashion die-hards, New York Fashion Week, he has the potential to bring a freshness and excitability that we are all anticipating!


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