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By: Alexis Schroeder
Images by: Frank Rocco
Located in the iconic Limelight landmark in the Flat Iron District, this once old church and world famous nightclub now curates to Modalistas. Started as an online boutique in 2009 showcasing new and emerging artists around the world, Modalistas cultivates an edgy chicness into the lives of their clientele.

As guests streamed into the gothic church, the DJ pumped up the beats.  The rows of seats filled and so did the runway with a fashion forward collection.  With the modern woman in mind, Modalistas showcased an uptown meets downtown chic collection.  Primarily, the color palette comprised of dark colors such as midnight black, mustard yellow, navy, brown.  There was a marriage between leather, studs, fur, silk, wool and tweed.
This season leather has slayed its way into many designers’ collections.  However, instead of exuding a ‘hard core rocker’ vibe, it’s being constructed into an urbane touch that suits a broader followership.  Modalistas incorporated the material into many of its outfits.
The accessories included in each ensemble were to die for.  One of the most memorable included a gold necklace that draped over the models shoulders while she was wearing a silver metallic speckled halter dress.  Other notable garments included a fur vest over a lace and leather bolero, sequin shorts and a metallic sweater, as well as a leather jacket over a spiked bra and palazzo pants.
All items are available in store now.


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