Carlos Campos S/S 2013

Written By Fashion360Magazine on Tuesday, 9 October 2012 | 00:03

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By: Inna Bosenko
Images by: Alan Chan
The Carlos Campos clones are here to take over Fashion360! The Spring/Summer 2013 collection by Carlos Campos veered away from individuality and presented a concept of similarity and equality. Collection was divided into four groups of five looks each done in a specific color: sea green, white, golden yellow and sapphire blue.

Karlo Karlo, the lead makeup artist talked about the look: “I call it homo-Genius. Taking mod makeup for women, we transform it into a version for men. A very flawless face with neutral lips. We are basically creating clones.”
Looks are very symmetrical, proper and elegant. Each one is done strictly in one shade, head to toe; if the collar is open, models’ skin was spray-painted to strictly match the outfit. Standing out were the trench coats, specifically the sea green symmetric piece with four pockets on the front. As trends for men, I noticed a skinny pant fit and classic straight point collars.
“The concept for this show is a very clean cookie cutter minimalistic style. It will be the same for every guy,” shared Cesar Ramirez, the lead hairstylist for Carlos Campos. Hair was pulled away from the face and slicked back for a perfect mannequin-like do.


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