Mathieu Mirano S/S 2013

Written By Fashion360Magazine on Tuesday, 9 October 2012 | 00:01

By: Alexis Schroeder
Taking us in a whirlwind back to prehistoric times, Mathieu Mirano certainly outdid himself.  Mathieu’s gorgeously smart woman spent most of her time in the laboratory performing experiments when suddenly she found herself transformed into a reptilian-like creature.  As huge stalagmite formations sprouted from the cavern-like showroom, models were dazzled in extraordinary beading, sequins, and vertebrae belts and embellishments.

The vibe was a damp and eerie darkness that slithered throughout the room.  Excited guests circled in amazement about the models.  After talking with Mr. Mirano he mentioned he was “nervous, but extremely excited.  This was a collection that showed his creativity at its best.”
As the unearthly word escapes from the description, the animalistic and bizarre movements of the models backstage made it all the more real, if you will.  One of the most intriguing pieces, which was also Mirano’s favorite gown to construct, was his green chiffon beetle gown completed with a white and green quartz ring and navy embossed calfskin shoe with an acrylic heel.  The gowns bodice, resembling a metallic blue-green leaf beetle stunned its spectators.
“My collection is for the girl who is bold, not afraid, has a life about her, as well as a comedic side.”  Let’s face it, wearing his collection requires a bit of light-heartedness.  Other notable ensembles included a red beaded couple archaeopteryx organza dress with gold vertebrae halter strap and red embossed calfskin shoe with an acrylic heel along with a white leather puff jacket and white knit tank with a white leather puff skirt.
Certainly, Mathieu Mirano left a lasting imprint on fashion week along and radiated a humble and genuine personality.  At his young age, all I have to say is watch out fashion week veterans!


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